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Thinking Space

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1 Ur-texts and starting points 31 1 Walter Benjamin’s urban thought: a critical analysis MIKE SAVAGE 33

2 On Georg Simmel: proximity, distance and movement JOHN ALLEN 54

3 Mikhail Bakhtin: dialogics of space JULIAN HOLLOWAY AND JAMES KNEALE 71

4 Wittgenstein and the fabric of everyday life MICHAEL R.CURRY 89 PART 2 Reformulated spaces: decolonisation, the wake of ’68 115

5 Un-glunking geography: spatial science after Dr Seuss and Gilles Deleuze MARCUS A.DOEL
6 Relics, places and unwritten geographies in the work of Michel de Certeau (1925– 86) MIKE CRANG 136

7 Hélène Cixous PAM SHURMER-SMITH 154

8 Henri Lefebvre: a socialist in space ANDY MERRIFIELD 167

9 Jacques Lacan’s two-dimensional subjectivity VIRGINIA BLUM AND HEIDI NAST 183

10 Foucault’s geography CHRIS PHILO 205

11 Pierre Bourdieu JOE PAINTER 239

12 The troubled spaces of Frantz Fanon STEVE PILE 260

PART 3 Refiguring spaces in the present 279

13 Some new instructions for travellers: the geography of Bruno Latour and Michel Serres NICK BINGHAM AND NIGEL THRIFT 281

14 Edward Said’s imaginative geographies DEREK GREGORY 302

15 ‘Alternative’ film or ‘other’ film? In and against the West with Trinh Minh-ha ALASTAIR BONNETT 349

16 Thinking geopolitical space: the spatiality of war, speed and vision in the work of Paul Virilio TIM LUKE AND GEARÓID Ó TUATHAIL

Crang, Mike; Thrift, N. J.. Thinking Space.
London, GBR: Routledge, 2000. p vi.
Copyright © 2000. Routledge. All rights reserved.


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